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Ghost Skeleton's Potions and Channel x Channel Mixes

Grandma and Ghost Skeleton present: Raimundo 40

Boy– Ghost Gumshoe sure can get emotional sometimes for a squiggly ghost detective in a made-up universe. Just look at this note he left for this specific mix:

Happiest 40th birthday to Raymond Thompson, that singular gem of a human I have been fortunate enough to call my best friend, confidant, collaborator, and co-conspirator for over 26 years and counting. Words evade me and no blurb or collection of anecdotes could live up to the lifetime of memories remembered, some forgotten and yet to occur. A more genuine and giving friend there has never been. His patience for the absurd, nonsensical and occasionally a-musical contributions to his compositions cannot be overestimated nor should it be overlooked. You are legendary and I am most fortunate to continue to call you friend and bandmate. To one million more adventures with you <3

In honor of the man himself I humbly wish to share this mix of songs Ray has shared with me or that I closely associate with him. There were a lot of contenders, but these tunes seemed to work together nicely. Please enjoy the mix if you will and join me in celebrating the person who inspired it. 😉 Love you Raimundo

  1. Aphrodite’s Child – Let Me Love Let Me Live 0:00
  2. Caetano Veloso – Nine Out Of Ten 4:32
  3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Manic Depression 9:29
  4. Lee Moses – Bad Girl, Pt. 1 13:09
  5. James Henry & The Olympics – Sticky 15:31
  6. Brian Eno – King’s Lead Hat 17:51
  7. The Kinks – Mr. Churchill Says 21:41
  8. Alice Coltrane – Stopover Bombay 26:15
  9. Slickers – Johnny Too Bad 29:06
  10. David Bowie – Black Country Rock 32:06
  11. Fela Kuti – Lady 35:40
  12. Suburban Lawns – Janitor (Live) 49:23
  13. Flamin’ Groovies – Yes It’s True 52:00
  14. Devo – Gut Feeling 54:29
  15. Exuma – You Don’t Know What’s Going On 58:38
  16. The Rolling Stones – Child Of The Moon 1:02:00
  17. The Beatles – It’s All Too Much 1:05:12