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All of the flavors on the same pie. Madness!

Monster house 98
(Year End Mixes)

(Birthday Mixes)

Birthday (May 12) and year end mixes. A good guide to where the gumshoe is at, where he’s been and where he’s going.


Birthday Mixes

A celebration of the setting between slow and fast.

Monster house 98

Year End Mixes

An opportunity to look back on the previous year and evaluate what we have learned.

100 Goat Warehouse Monthly Subscription Sample Mixes

Monthly mixes triangulating classics, should-be classics, and future classics.

Pteranodon Gumshoes Spiritual Free Space

Out-of-this-world Programming

Home to Ghostropolis mixes featuring spiritual, modal, free, space, and any jazz sub genre.

Vapor Ghost


Vapor Ghost mixes feature tracks of a multitude of vaporwave subgenres not limited to but including faux utopian, hypnagogic drift, signal wave, Mall soft and vaportrap.

Mayor Aristocratic Dog’s Electronic Accoutrements

Early Electronic, Electronic and Experimental Accoutrements

All things electronic including early electronic music, experimental and electronic hybrids.

Son of a Muscle Dad's Soul and R&B

Soul and R&B Mixes

R&B and soul mixes illuminating that Ghost Gumshoe does in fact a soul, even if he thought he lost it.

8 bit puzzle piece

8 Bit Puzzle Piece

Video Game Soundtrack Programming

Mixes compiled entirely from video game original soundtracks including 8 bit chiptune as well as more modern selections from many many other genres.

Nightmares Nighttime Radio

Turn Around

After hours mixes which aim to maintain ambience without pulling listeners to a slumbered fate.

Grandma's Classics

Hits Programming

Favorited favorite tracks—only the Ghost Gumshoe hits.

Uncle Ghost Wizard's International Produce and Hallucinations

Produce and Hallucination Mixes

Music from across the globe for the adventurous and linguistically curious listener.

Marjes' Book Shelf

Library Programming

Library, soundtrack, ad and production music predominantly from the golden era or 60s and 70s. Library is a momentous ‘genre’ which can incorporate styles as far ranging as funk, beat, bossa, classical, avant garde, experimental, electronic, jazz and so many other combinations and permutations of those aforementioned.

Night Demon's Hip Hop and Beats

Hip Hop & Beats Mixes

Hip hop, beats and tangentially related rhythm and sound.

Floating Skull on Fire's Comfy Dungeon

Dungeon Mixes

Dungeon synth, comfy synth and the eternal question of what knights, gnomes, skeletons and mushrooms listen to in their free time.

ice cream island rock

Ice Cream Island

Rock Programming

Rock of all stripes—particularly psychedelic, punk, post-punk, garage, indie and the like.

Soup Goose Thoughts


Instrumental programming for when lyrics are intrusive.

Gerald's Singer Songwriter Corner

Songs—often spare or uncluttered—with lyrics (read: not instrumental), to convey feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Pacific Ocean's Obsessions

Obsessive Programming

Gangly, egregious and weird.

This Banana Guy and Banana Leprechauns List Mixes

List Mixes

List mixes. Nobody asked for them but here they are.

Ghost Skeleton's Potions and Channel x Channel Mixes

Ghost Skeleton's brewing up concoctions featuring a bit from all the other Ghostropolis channels, stations and programming. Whether he's mixing two, three or more channel's together for its own unique refreshment or zipping through the stations track by track, Ghost Sheleton is sure to keep us all guessing. Think of it as his skeletal hand, spinning the dial across the Ghostropolis gamut, ultimately controlling your fate one program at a time. Fun!

Kid Wave Mania

Comfort in redundancy consistency

Apple Vortex Performances

Live a life as live as the Apple Vortex; swirling and exuding the moment.

Olsen Twins Ambient and Abstract (sound)

In space no one everyone can hear dolphin sounds, bleeps, bloops, and musique concrete. Field recordings, drones, found sounds sometimes tranquil, sometimes jarring, and more.