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Ice Cream Island and Grandma present: O, Si! A John Dwyer compendium

One of the few limitations of Mixcloud is the requirement for each mix to contain at most 3 tracks from any one artist. This ensures that a compilation or best-of of most artists is not possible, as there aren’t that many spelling changes or aliases usually…however that is not an issue for John Dwyer, architect of all things OCS/The Ohsees/The Oh Sees/Thee Ohsees/Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees/Osees etc. For the past 20 years Dwyer has released some of my favorite music–his band(s) are without a doubt my favorite current musical group and currently my second favorite band of all time….but I digress. This is the first entry into the Ghostropolis’ Ice Cream Island Rock channel and the second entry for Ghostropolis’ Grandma’s Classics channel (after a Sun Ra’s Arkestras collection) and it is hardly a best of, but an examination of many of the places in sound he and the bands have gone–and spellings. Were more than 3 tracks by any one spelling to be included, Thee Oh Sees (2008’s Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion & The Masters Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In through 2016’s A Weird Exits/An Odd Entrances –plus countless b-sides and compilation tracks under that spelling) would dominate the mix, if not make up their own volume, but the fun of this collection (I hope) is to feature some less often heralded entries next to stone cold classics. OSEES Intercepted Message (their 27th?! album) is due out on In The Red on August 18th. If you are unfamiliar I hope this might serve as an introduction and if you are well acquainted I hope this might be interesting to hear this juxtaposition of different eras. Dig in <3

  1. OSEES – BLOOD ON YOUR BOOTS (from Be Gay Do Crime compilation 2021) 0:00
  2. Osees – Canopnr ’74 (from Protean Threat 2020) 1:41
  3. Thee Oh Sees – Quadrospazzed (from Peanut Butter Oven EP 2008) 4:38
  4. The Ohsees – I Am Slow (Demo) (from Grave Blockers EP 2006) 9:42
  5. The Oh Sees – It Killed Mom (from Sucks Blood 2007) 11:22
  6. OCS – tower and the wall (from OCS 4: Get Stoved 2005) ) 14:02
  7. Osees – Funeral Solution (from A Foul Form 2022) 17:08
  8. The Oh Sees – Ship (from Sucks Blood 2007) 19:01
  9. Thee Ohsees – Inquiry Perpitrated (from Thee Ohsees / The Intelligence split EP 2008) 21:39
  10. Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones (from Face Stabber 2019) 24:09
  11. The Ohsees – The Dumb Drums (from The Cool Death of Island Raiders 2006) 28:02
  12. Oh Sees – The Static God (from Orc 2017) 30:30
  13. The Oh Sees – Sucks Blood (from Sucks Blood 2007) 34:48
  14. Thee Oh Sees – Gelatinous Cube (from A Weird Exits 2016) 38:27
  15. The Ohsees – We Are Free (from The Cool Death of Island Raiders 2006) 41:49
  16. OCS – hey kid (from Songs About Death and Dying Vol 3 2005) 46:03
  17. Oh Sees – Heartworm (from Face Stabber 2019) 47:50
  18. OCS – dreadful heart (from OCS 4: Get Stoved 2005) 49:44