Meet The Ghostropolis Characters

Ghost Gumshoe

Ghostropolis’ #1 detective, uncovering clues everywhere he goes. Whether the caper involves a club sandwich of doom or a floating beard, Gumshoe Ghost is basically the John Ritter of Ghostropolis, never finding closure or solutions but further capers at every step.

Pteranodon Gumshoe

Ghost Gumshoes right winged sleuth, flapping at answers with the same tenacity of a Yorkshire poodle. Surely the gumshoes won’t die….again.

Mayor Aristocratic Dog

Mayor of Ghostropolis and Ghostropolis’ sometimes antagonist/villain (by default). Likes: doilies, sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, early electronic music. Dislikes: those who do not wear top hats.

Son of a Muscle Dad

Ghostropolis’ weightlifting body builder pepper seems to consider his mortality more than most. Always first to arrive at Mayor Aristocratic Dogs birthday.

Floating Skull on Fire

Floating Skull on Fire is Ghostropolis’ always, present, always floating, always on fire skull. Definitely the biggest gossip at the office.

Soup Goose

Ghostropolis’ resident goose consuming broth from a ladle of its own bowl, from an invisible hand. A bird of few words but a deep thinker.


A nomadic pop star. Does he sing country, folk or rap? No matter, he still wants to be a ghost. Or a skeleton. Or a ghost skeleton.


Theater critic and caped tombstone ghost. His life is for the theatre. And library music.

Uncle Ghost Wizard

Ghost Gumshoes’ uncle who crashes at the lads house on occasion. He knows a lot about magic and music. He does not always remember to put perishables back in the fridge.

Jesus Great News

Ghostropolis’ news reporter: a non communicative pineapple with a hat, sat in front of a typewriter.


Ghost Gumshoes ‘ son, who resembles Dennis the menace, with tentacles for arms and tank tracks for feet. He is almost always acing his school work, which is a huge point of contention in the Ghost Gumshoe household.


Ghost Gumshoes’ daughter and Grandma’s sister. She speaks in reverse and ushers in apocalyptic visions. Loves nightmares (the scary kind).

Night Demon

Night Demon comes once a year on Slowstmas to deliver his latest album. Each successive release fails to match the grandeur of his debut, but he is basically Santa Claus with a glowing green skull on fire. Why are you reading this?


A day in celebration of the setting between slow and fast. Like a really big deal in Ghostropolis.

Monsterhouse 98

Kinda like New Years in Ghostropolis, but with a swirling nebulous vortex in space, rendering all concerns and cares moot, null and void—but in a good way.

Ice Cream Island

The floating skull cloud island filled with mountainous vistas of ice cream. Many have perished scaling those cliffs.

Ghost Skeleton

Ghostropolis’ shaman. Much is unknown.

Lord Ghost Froggington

Regal amphibious specter from season 2. His family vacationed on Ice Cream Island.

Kid Wave

Ghostropolis’ juvenile crest of water who skateboards and yo-yos with a hat with one of those little propellers on top. Schoolmates with Grandma and Nighmares.

Pacific Ocean

Kid Waves older sister. She went to college but left because it didn’t align with her lifestyle. Super chill.

Officer Steve/Stevicer Off

Ghostropolis’ dancing law officer. Clackity clack. Likes to dance. Clackity Clack.

Puzzle Piece

The sweetest little puzzle piece that could.

This Banana Guy

Insufferable but kinda has a point. He used to be a banana leprechaun.

Banana Leprechauns

Difficult to get rid of—once you notice them you have an infestation.

Neil Young Pencil No 2

Are you still reading this? It’s Neil Young as a pencil.

Olsen Twins

Dolphins, and in-demand music producers (have worked with Gerald and Night Demon).

Vampire Coffee

Bat-winged coffee cups and beans that take energy instead of giving it.