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Pteranodon Gumshoe and Grandma Present: Ra’s Many Arkestras

One of the few limitations of Mixcloud is that no mix is *technically* allowed to have more than three tracks by an artist on any mix….fortunately in the case of Sun Ra he had a seemingly infinite number of monikers for the endless permutations and rosters of his Arkestras. This mix is by all accounts not an entry point or an introduction to Sun Ra, but a heady drop in the deep end. The selections lean heavily on the after hour, sparse and meditative wildness that one might associate with psychedelic interplanetary travel. Certainly Sun Ra is a fixture in so much of Ghostropolis and Ghost Gumshoe’s listening and is found and will undoubtedly continue to be featured on future mixes, but here is the first entry into both Pternodon’s Spiritual Free Space channel and Grandma’s Classics channel–a mix length best of/favorites of Sun Ra for the whole family. Enjoy!
  1. Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra – Starwatchers/Theme of the Stargazers (Horizon 1971) 0:00
  2. Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity Arkestrsa – Yucatan (Impulse version) (Atlantis 1969) 1:20
  3. Sun Ra – Intrinsic Energies (Of Mythic Worlds 1980) 4:40
  4. Sun Ra And His Arkestra – Twigs at Twilight (Media Dreams 1978) 13:15
  5. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra – Night Of The Purple Moon (Night of the Purple Moon (1970) 20:34
  6. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic-Infinity-Arkestra – To Nature’s God (Dark Myth Equation Visitation / Nature’s God Live In Egypt, Vol. 1 1971) 24:16
  7. Sun Ra – This Song Is Dedicated To Nature’s God (The Antique Blacks 1974) 33:22
  8. Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens (Disco 3000 1978) 37:16
  9. Sun Ra And His Arkestra – Mayan Temple (Love In Outer Space 7” 1975) 48:17
  10. Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra – Seen III, Took 4 (The Solar-Myth Approach Vol. 1 1972) 51:53
  11. Sun Ra and his Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra – Romance on a Satellite (Beyond the Purple Star Zone 1981) 55:19
  12. Sun Ra & His Arkestra – The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters (Cymbals 1973) 1:00:20
  13. Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity Arkestra- Cosmo-Media (Pathways to Unknown Worlds 1975) 1:07:44
  14. Sun Ra – Of Mythic Worlds (Of Mythic Worlds 1980) 1:14:45