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Mayor Aristocratic Dog’s Electronic Accoutrements

Early Electronic, Electronic and Experimental Accoutrements

Pacific Ocean and Mayor Aristocratic Dog present: Drumfunk

Wasting no time on their current obsession Pacific Ocean and Mayor Aristocratic Dog team up to bring you Drumfunk–a little over an hour of contemporary drum and bass/jungle/idm/braindance–whatever you want to call it–from the likes of Nic TVG, his stalwart of artists featured and released on his Pinecone Moonshine label, and other artists currently mining this sound. Analogue drum sounds and jazzy and ambient/acoustic-resonant sound flourishes abound in this fast paced, hig-BPM music that still manages to ease despite restless battery.

  1. Earl Grey – Dega & Papi 0:00
  2. Opius – Planet Jazz 6:39
  3. Scale – Scale – State Of Life 13:44
  4. ANMA and Nic TVG – 68 Veitstanz 20:00
  5. Greenleaf – Seventeen 27:39
  6. dgoHn & Badun – Ghot 35:21
  7. Earl Grey – Karmic Sprain 39:43
  8. Fada – Empty Frets 46:54
  9. Data General – Shoemaker Gets Another Tack 53:25
  10. Opius – Mezzo Forte 59:17